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The following is a place where local churches/organizations of the CTC can post items that they would like to give away – furniture, audio/visual equipment, books, Hymnals, music, study or worship materials, VBS materials, décor, etc. This space is also available for local churches/organizations/etc. searching for such items. This site is for free, church-related items only. No 'for sale' submissions will be approved or posted, nor will any personal items – i.e. please don’t clean out your garage and use this space to get rid of all that exercise equipment or your spouse's old t-shirts that you've wanted to burn for 25 years.

To submit items for inclusion on this site, please click on the Submit Content button below. Also, please use the tool to upload a photo of the item(s) whenever possible. For best quality, the photo should be at least 640x320.

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Pulpit Bible needed

published 9/26/2017
We are in need of a large pulpit Bible to use in our Altar at First United Methodist in Waco, Texas. If anyone has or knows of one available, please contact Martha Palmer or Molly Simpson

Bible Study books

published 8/15/2017
20 copies of John Ortberg's book "if You Want To Walk On The Water, You Got To Get Out Of the Boat"

Laptop Computer

published 8/14/2017
laptop computer