Office Manager


31 hours per week, Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm; Friday 9am-12pm


  • Manage calendar request and maintain church calendar events, functions and committee meetings.
Resource management
  • Responsible for checking out church resources and assigning church space for events, functions, worships and committee meetings.
  • Maintain and update membership and guest contact information
  • In coordination with Facilities Manager order supplies and equipment for church office and kitchen. In coordination with Director of Spiritual Formation and Director of Preschool Ministries order supplies and equipment for or sunday school supplies and worship.
  • Oversee Helping Hands (Benevolence) ministry distributions
  • Schedule nursery attendants in coordination with church calendar Communication
  • Assist with creating and distributing newsletter
  • Assist with creating worship guides and worship slides, such as hymn and scripture texts
  • Assist with website communication Hospitality
  • Provide gracious hospitality to all who call or visit the church office by answering the phones and the door Office administration
  • Oversee Volunteer Office Assistant(s)
  • Maintain and manage all request forms (calendar, resource, nursery, etc.)
  • Maintain church accounts and contracts that are not trustee related
  • Run and maintain the reports of the local church, district and/or conference
  • Create and oversee budget for office
  • Other duties as assigned
Personal Development
  • Take vacation time as needed as approved by Sr. Pastor(s)
  • SPRC liaison conversations as needed
  • Engage in 10 hours of Continuing Education a year
  • Report to Sr. Pastor(s) at least once a month
  • Participate in staff development

Contact: Rev. Jason Valendy

Address: 209 S. Blue Bonnet Street Saginaw TX 76179

Phone: 817-232-0390