The Central Texas Conference (CTC) is once again employing the EZRA statistical reporting system as the official End of Year "Checkout" tool. While EZRA is built and administered by the General Council of Finance and Administration (GCFA), the Central Texas Conference Finance and IT teams have worked with GCFA to make the reporting process as easy as possible for the churches of the CTC. However, if you have questions or need technical assistance, please click on the blue Tech Support button below. The EZRA tool will be open Jan. 4-25. You may access the EZRA tool by clicking the EZRA Login button below or by going to

GCFA requires that users set up a new user profile each year, which means that passwords from the previous year must be reset following the initial login.

THIS YEAR’S initial login password is stats2016.

You will be required to enter a permanent password unique to your church upon the first login - this can be the one you used last year if you wish. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it is simply a function of the EZRA tool, and GCFA sets these requirements.
This is the landing page for the conference-wide statistical reporting  - aka "Checkout." To access the 2016 "End of Year" forms required by your district (i.e. Fund Balance Report, End of Year Pastor's Report) - please click here or visit

Please note that the deadline to enter your 2016 statistical data via EZRA is Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Ezra, which happens to translate from the Hebrew as “help,” is an interactive electronic database that provides each conference or United Methodist agency the ability to enter data and have real-time access to that information. GCFA and the Central Texas Conference IT Team have put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to enter your checkout information via Ezra. You can download the guide here or via the Checkout Help Guide button above. If you need assistance with logging in to EZRA for the first time, click here or on the First Time Login Guide button above.

If you still have questions after you’ve consulted the EZRA Help Guide, or need assistance that is not addressed in the guide, please contact Calvin Scott ( or 817-877-5222), and he will either assist you or quickly get you in contact with the appropriate resource. As Calvin gets several emails and calls on a variety of technical issues each day, please put EZRA in your subject line of your email or leave a detailed voicemail of your issue if he is not available when you call. Please follow-up any voicemails with an email to ensure the most rapid response as Calvin serves the conference as our Archivist as well and offices away from his extension on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
If you are experiencing difficulties with the Ezra tool itself, please contact the Ezra Website Administrator by clicking here. If you have discovered errors in your reporting after you have submitted your information, please alert your district office and contact David Stinson ( or one of the other GCFA assistants listed on the Ezra homepage for assistance.
Again, the last day to "checkout" and enter your churches statistical information is Wednesday, January 25. You are highly encouraged to login and at least begin the process before the Jan. 25 deadline in case you run into any technical trouble or have questions along the way. Also, as noted above, the Ezra tool is for statistical reporting only. There are two district-specific, end-of-year forms that are required independent of the "Checkout" process. Those can be accessed by going to and clicking on your church's district.