Charge Conference 2014 Resources & Tips

Printable Forms - Here you can access blank copies of all of the 2014 Charge Conference forms to use as you gather the data needed to submit via the online forms. The forms on this page are not to be used to send to your district off in lieu of the electronic submissions found on your district page. For questions, please contact the Communications and IT team at the Central Texas Conference Service Center.

Minutes of the Charge Conference

Nominations & Leadership Development

Report of the Finance Committee

Report of the Trustee

Pastor’s Report 

Pastor’s Plan for Continuing Education

Pastoral Support & Compensation Form (Single)

Pastoral Support & Compensation Form (Multi)

Signature Page

Lay Servant Annual Application

Parsonage Inspection Report

Deacon Annual Report

Appointment to Extension Ministry

Retired Member of the Annual Conference Report

Candidates for Ministry

Annual Report of Clergy Member on Leave of Absence

Local Pastor Report


Charge Conference Checklist - Click below to get a copy of the 2014 Charge Conference Checklist. This item is here for you to download for your own personal use to keep track of the forms which you have completed and submitted from your district page.

Charge Conference Checklist

Technical Support - Click the button below if you have questions about the 2014 Charge Conference electronic submission process. We hope to be able to answer your qestions and troubleshoot your issues as quickly as possible.