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To access the form you need, simply click on the appropriate button below. The first 12 buttons will take you immediately to the online form. Simply fill it out with all the applicable information and hit submit at the bottom of the page.

The two forms in the "Special Instructions" section are not available as web forms due to the complexity of the form. Please click on the buttons for those forms to go to a page with the instructions you need to complete and submit the forms.
To help prevent submission errors, we recommend that you print each of the forms for use iun gathering the required information and data. You can then share the printed form(s) with the appropriate parties in your congregation, have them fill out the form on paper and return it to the church office for submission. We recognize within our conference, there are myriad ministry settings with varied levels of administrative support. However, we've found that doing the forms this way makes for a smoother submission process.
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2015 Charge Conference Checklist

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Forms with Special Instructions