Books to Ghana

by Rev. Jane Woodward, China Spring UMC
When Sydney DeSpain called me at my home last summer from Ghana, I was very surprised and a bit concerned that something might be wrong. Sydney is a student at TCU and was on a school trip to Ghana at the time of the call. I was quickly relieved to discover that despite having some degree of dietary struggles, the reason for her call was to tell me about her encounter with the Missahoe Orphanage in Kpando (pronounced "Pahn-doh"), in the Volta region. The orphanage is operated by Mawusi Dotse (Mouse-y Dot-see).
Mawusi had been trained to be a professional chef, but after taking some young children who were living on the street into her home, her life's work shifted and became creating and maintaining the Missahoe Orphanage. Sydney talked of how desperately she wanted to help Mawusi and the children there as they were in great need of many things. She also asked if our church could help.
The people of China Spring UMC decided that they'd like to answer that call by holding a book drive. The literary initiative collected well more than 250 books. Missionary Rev. Steve Buchele warned that it would be very expensive to ship the books, and he was correct as it was well over $500 - money that would have gone a long way towards other needs in Ghana. But, sending the books was what was put on our hearts, so we shipped them to the children of Ghana. When the books arrived, pictures were emailed to us that showed the children of the orphanage proudly and happily holding their new books. The impact the books have on the children may never be revealed, but the impact it had on our congregation was priceless.