A Simple Change - A Big Impact

Youth Mission Trip 2015
by Bryan Marshall, Saint John the Apostle UMC

Working closely with the organization “Zip Code Connection” the SJA (Saint John the Apostle UMC) youth mission trip leadership team made a series of small adjustments to the architecture of the 2015 mission trip which were aimed at engaging in “ministry with” rather than ministry to or for the poor.  Click here to read the changes that were made. Following is an excerpt from the article:

Meet with the homeowners before the work begins. This was the single most important change we made! Rather than rolling up in our vans on Monday morning and starting to work immediately (as we did in the past), we sent the teams out on Sunday evening to meet the homeowners. This low-pressure Sunday night introduction and gradual Monday morning start to the repair work got the teams and the families off to a good start. The positive benefits of the Sunday night introduction cannot be overstated!