2015 Annual Enrollment




As announced at Annual Conference, beginning January 1, 2015, the Conference will no longer be offering supplemental policies or Flexible Spending Accounts through Aflac.  Those who currently have supplemental policies will have the option of keeping them and will be contacted by Aflac with that option and will direct billed from Aflac.  (Pastors:  The premium amounts for the supplement policies will no longer be entered into your PSCF as they would be direct billed and are no longer a Café Plan benefit {salary reduction}.) 

Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Accounts will be offered as a benefit through HealthFlex in 2015.  However, only those actively working and enrolled in our HealthFlex active health plan through our Conference may participate.  Individual churches may contact Aflac, or another FSA administrator, to set up FSA’s in their church, if they choose, for those that are not participants in our health plan. Enrollment for FSA’s in 2015 will be done during the annual enrollment period ONLINE directly through HealthFlex annual enrollment portal. 

While the FSA’s through HealthFlex in 2015 will also be administered by WageWorks, it will be a different plan than we currently have through Aflac.  The grace period for any unused 2014 Medical FSA balance with Aflac begins January 1st and ends March 15th, 2015.  Eligible medical expenses incurred during the grace period and approved for reimbursement will be paid from available amounts that were remaining at the end of the 2014 plan year.  Any eligible 2014 expenses or eligible expenses incurred during the grace period must be submitted using the 2014 Aflac/WageWorks reimbursement request form (available on the Conference website) before the end of the run-off period (March 31st).  Any unused amounts that are not used to reimburse eligible expenses incurred either during the 2014 plan year or during the grace period will be forfeited if not submitted before the end of the run-off period.

New with HealthFlex for 2015

Beginning with medical reimbursement FSAs elected for the 2015 plan year, the rules and deadlines for using the balance in your medical FSA will change. You can carry over up to $500 of your unused medical FSA balance to the 2016 plan year. This amount will be available for eligible expenses for the entire 2016 plan year. However, you will not have the January 1-March 15, 2016 grace period to use any unspent 2015 funds beyond $500. Any unspent money over $500 remaining in your medical FSA for 2015 after December 31, 2015 will be forfeited.

WageWorks now handles flexible spending account (FSA) administration.   

New Look for HealthFlex Benefits Web Page

Check out the streamlined format with easier navigation and a new “Reference Center” for one-stop access to all your important health coverage information and benefit-related documents.

Need Assistance During Annual Election?

Difficulty Logging in to the HealthFlex/WebMD Website
Call WebMD Customer Service at: 1-866-302-57421-866-302-5742

During the Annual Enrollment Period:

  • Guidance in Selecting a Plan or Choosing an FSA Amount
    Choosing your medical plan or FSA election—select “Coverage Advisor” under Consumer Tools to Guide Your Health Care Choices and estimate your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Questions About Prescription Coverage and Costs
    To estimate your 2015 drug costs with Catamaran and help calculate what you may want to set aside in your medical flexible spending account, log into the HealthFlex/WebMD site and click on “Estimate Prescription Drug Costs” under Consumer Tools to Guide Your Health Care Choices on the right side of the page.
  • Questions About Health Care Services
    After you log into HealthFlex/WebMD, click the corresponding links under Consumer Tools to Guide Your Health Care Choices in the right column to compare hospitals and doctors, and to estimate costs for sample services.
  • Understanding Your Coverage
    Review your HealthFlex Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Summary Plan Description and Benefit Booklet for details on medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services—click on “HealthFlex Plan Benefits” and view documents in the Reference Center.